Family ripped from their home by Catcliffe floods lose hope of first family Christmas | The Zoom

A family who was evacuated from their house in Catcliffe due to flooding will be out of their home for their baby’s first Christmas.

Despite the house being unlivable, the family still have to pay bills for their flooded house and the property they’re renting at the moment.

Szymon Olzycki, father of the 7-month-old baby, said: “At the moment we’re just trying to live normally, we definitely want to go back there but it’s not going to be until April until we can move back in.

“You never know i

Wheelchair-bound to personal trainer: How a Sheffield man beat chronic fatigue syndrome after his fathers passing | The Zoom

A personal trainer from Sheffield shares his battle with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Luke Firth, 30, from Chapeltown, was 13 when he developed the condition that causes severe tiredness.

Mr Frith said: “I was training for a Sunday league football game when suddenly I started throwing up and feeling extremely tired. I couldn’t run around the football pitch like I used to, which was really scary.”

“After that my tiredness only got worse, school was a ten minute walk from where I lived but I would

Devastation after ice hockey player dies in ‘freak accident’ after match in Sheffield | The Zoom

Nottingham Panthers forward, Adam Johnson, has died following a game at the Sheffield Utilita arena after a serious neck injury.

Over 8,000 people in the stadium witnessed Mr Johnson, 29, receive emergency treatment on the ice.

Players on both teams formed a ring around the injured player before he was escorted off by paramedics on a stretcher.

He was later taken to Sheffield Northern General Hospital, his death was announced the next day.

In a statement the club said: “The Panthers would li

Family speaks out after being evacuated with 7-month-old baby due to devastating Catcliffe floods | The Zoom

A 7-month-old baby is among the hundreds of people evacuated due to flooding in Catcliffe, Rotherham.

Szymon Olzycki and his family woke up at six o’clock Saturday morning to water creeping up their drive.

Three hours later, their living room was flooded with over one metre of water.

The family-of-three are currently staying at a friend’s house to look after the baby.

Mr. Olzycki said: “The baby’s alright, they don’t understand the trauma happening around them yet.”

“It was terrible to go d

Is it right for authors to write another culture’s story?

When you think of JK Rowling, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Wizards? Broomsticks? Transphobia? For some, casual racism might not be their first thought, but many believe it is present in The Harry Potter series.

From stereotypes such as putting the only East-Asian character in the WHOLE of Hogwarts in the ‘academic’ house to naming one of the only black characters Kingsley Shacklebolt (has Rowling never opened a history book?), there seems to be a severe lack of research here.


Storm Babet causes ‘very severe’ disruptions in Sheffield and Rotherham | The Zoom

Over 20 flood warnings cover Sheffield and Rotherham as Storm Babet hits the area.

Schools such as The Sheffield College have stopped teaching due to flood risk on the roads and adjacent areas.

The services not running in Rotherham are:

The services not running in Sheffield are:

The rain is expected to continue until around 10am tomorrow but it should start to ease from midnight.

Sheffield City Council urge people to avoid driving through flood water as a few inches can flood an engine, and

INTERVIEW: How this author drew inspiration from a tsunami to write a debut novel

Tsunamis, suspense and mystery shape this psychological thriller that is not short of twists and turns. The debut novel, Genesis Flood, by Shelley Cox is not for the faint of heart.

Genesis Flood follows the story of a pregnant woman who uses a tsunami as an excuse to escape an abusive life and disappear. This decision haunts her new life and the people she left behind. Did she make the right decision?

As 2004 came to its end, Shelley and her family had just finished celebrating Christmas when

The “Winter Blues”: Living with Seasonal Depression

When you think of winter, you may imagine giving gifts, a warm brew on a cold

morning, and watching a wholesome film with your friends and family. But for

around 2 million people in the UK, this is not always an enjoyable time of year.

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a type of depression that is experienced during

certain times of the year. It is commonly referred to as the ‘winter blues’ or the

‘winter depression’ because usually the symptoms are more apparent during the

colder mont

The darker side of Halloween: Why wastage is an environmental nightmare

As the days shorten and the leaves turn a deep shade of ochre; the end of the year is slowly creeping up on us. Like many others, your first thought may turn to the annual event of Halloween which is massive among students. Who wouldn't want to dress up as a mythical creature and dance all night at the Students Union?

But, instead of Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger being the villain, there is an invisible and ever-present evil terrorising the world. The real horror at Halloween is the global wa

REVIEW: Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza is a tale of unconventional love between 15-year old Gary Valentine and 25-year old Alana Kane.

Oozing with 70s style, Director Paul Thomas Anderson blasts viewers back to the past with this coming-of-age rom-com containing a quirky twist.

Similar to his previous films, Anderson executes awe-striking visuals partnered with compelling and complex storylines.

Based in the San Fernando Valley, California, we are first introduced to our protagonist Alana.

Alana is a photographer’s